Ware Associates Inc. designs and manufactures jewelry for both men and women. See Page 2 for more information about Men's Jewelry.

Ware Assoc. CostumesPaintings Jewelry Page 2

Below are examples of designs done for groups like Men:The Vocal Majority, The NewTradition,The Prescottones, Platinum, Wise Guys, Max-Q, Dallas Blend Women:RichTones, Toast Of Tampa, Song of Atlanta, OK City Chorus, Oklahoma Jubilee Chorus, Acclaim, Alibi, Cabaret

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Center: Crystal Necklace and Sapphire and Crystal Swarosvski Stone Earrings


Right: Ruby and Gold Swarovski Chain Earrings and Bracelet


Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings

And Double Crystal Chain Bracelet


Hyacinth and Crystal Swarovski

Earring ideas.


Studs, Cufflinks, Button Cover,

Tie Tack, Lapel Sparkler


Vocal Majority Bolo Tie


Black Diamond and Crystal Swarovski Links and Studs


Different shapes and many colors of

Links and Button Covers


Ware Assoc.CostumesPaintingsJewelry Page 2

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