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I am 72 years old. I have wanted to paint ever since my Art Classes in High School. I formed Ware Advertising in Tulsa Oklahoma and did rough art and layouts for print and TV storyboards but contracted all my finished Art to others. In August of 2002 I decided to start painting for real. My first oil teacher was Wes Whittaker, an Irving Texas Landscape artist. I have most recently studied with Lap Ngo from Allen Texas.

I paint what I have seen. I choose to photograph and then recreate the impression and feelings each painting represents. Early in my experience my wife, my best critic, said ! that's how I felt when we saw that. She continues to keep me honest in my impressions.

I would enjoy hearing from you and any coments you wish to make to me about my work. Recently I have added Portraits to my styles.

I also accept commissions to paint from your photos. E-Mail me to discuss pricing and timing. See my contact page for information on how to get in touch with me.

Jack Ware

Dallas, Texas


Paintings Gallery Contact


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